No, not a job offer. Sorry. I'm looking for information. Anything and everything, but particular interest in the following:

1. There are still a number of gaps in the AAA Stock Car results from 1950 through 1955. The schedules are complete for the first two years, but the other years have gaps. Update: I have received complete schedules for 1952 and 1954. Still have gaps for 1953 and 1955. Does anybody know what tracks were in use in Pueblo, Colorado in the 1950s? (5-29-07) Answer: the track was the Colorado State Fairgrounds (6-19-07)

2. While I'm at it, any AAA Sprint Car or Midget results would be welcomed as well.

3. Results from NASCAR's "Big 3" are easy to come by, but there's a lot of work to be done on their lower divisions, including the Late Model Sportsman series that was replaced by the Busch series in 1982. Winston West results from before 1994 are especially difficult to find. Modified results before the National Tour was formed in 1985. The Speedway division results from 1953 (NASCAR-sanctioned Indy cars, essentially. Full results from 1952 and winners from 1953 are already online at I'd like to complete the 1953 results.) Grand American and Grand National East. (The original series by that name, in 1972 and 1973. Top 5 results are up at Again, I'd like to make those complete.) NASCAR's midget series in the 1950s. Lots of forgotten history to be uncovered and preserved. Update: I've got the partial Grand National East and Speedway results added here. I'm still looking to complete the information. (5-29-07) Update 2: Full finishing results for 43 of the 110 Grand American races in 1968-1972 and 27 of the 30 Grand National East races have been located.

4. Results of the ASA National Tour that ended after the 2004 season. Results from later years are available on Results from earlier years are hard to come by. Update: working on this between my own site and the Historical Stock Car Racing forum. Also working on similar projects with Busch North and Winston West Series.

5. IMCA stock car results from 1947 through 1977. That's where Ernie Derr, Don White, and Ramo Stott first made their mark before they moved on to ARCA and USAC.

6. Results from Tony Stewart's tour of Australia in December 1995. (I'm not sure if he was in sprints or midgets or both.)

7. Full results from England: 1998 Formula Vauxhall Winter Series, 1999 Formula Vauxhall Championship, 2000 British Zetec Formula Ford Championship and European Formula Ford Championship, and 2001 British Zetec Formula Ford Championship. (The short version: Danica Patrick's early career in Europe.)

8. Go-kart results. In this case, not anything and everything. Especially important if it involves Tony Stewart, Juan Montoya, Jeff Gordon, Marco Andretti, Sarah Fisher, or Danica Patrick. Actually, I'll take results involving any "name" driver. Other than that, probably not. That would make too big of a project for me to even think about!

9. Any UMP modified results, especially those involving Jack Hewitt.

10. Results of the American IndyCar Series that was headed by Bill Tempero (and used retired CART chassis, I believe.) I may have a partial list of dates and winners to work from.

11. Any local track results involving drivers who later made it to the big-time circuits, whether in stock cars, open-wheel cars, or sports cars.

12. SCCA amateur races of Janet Guthrie.

13. Snowmobile racing results of uncle Jacques Villeneuve. (Indy 500/CART/Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve's uncle, not mine!)

14. In 1948, NASCAR had a full season of modified racing before the now-Nextel Cup series began in 1949. I know Red Byron was the champion. Complete results probably do not exist, but a list of tracks, dates, and winners would be a good start towards documenting NASCAR's real first season. Received 04/26/07. Thank you!

15. During the 1978-1981 period, USAC's stock car series ran a few short track races that were divided into two heats. I have been unable to determine how the overall results for these events were determined.

More as I think of it.

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