There are few truly solo efforts, and my website certainly is not one of them. I want to recognize those individuals who have personally assisted me on various aspects of the project.

The website is light-years ahead of where it would have been without the advice of my brother Robert, who convinced me to learn (just) enough about PHP programming to build it that way, rather than constructing it with an HTML editor, and who helped structure the underlying database. There is still untapped potential behind his contributions that I have yet to discover and implement. He has also recently begun to assist with the compilation, formatting, and uploading of mainstream NASCAR results.

The two giants of American motor sports research are Greg Fielden and Phil Harms. Fielden is the expert on the history of NASCAR, and is almost single-handedly responsible for all our knowledge of the early years of the Grand National division, as well as the Speedway division of 1952 and the Convertible division of 1956 through 1959. Harms has documented the history of the Indy Car championship going back to 1909. All of our subsequent efforts in these areas rest upon the foundations that they have built.

In response to my request for information, Nicholas Teto of has generously provided a list of dates, places, pole winners, and race winners for the 1948 NASCAR Modified season. Thanks for helping to preserve an often-overlooked part of racing history. He has also located the complete schedules for the AAA stock car series for 1952 and 1954, and helped fill in some of the gaps in the 1992 and 1993 ASA schedules. In addition, he has provided a complete list of NASCAR Busch North Series winners, as well as valuable information on its predecessor, the NASCAR North series, a list of top 3 finishers for every NEMA Midget race, and top 5 finishers for the 1997 Slim Jim All Pro season.

Wisconsin racing historian and motorsports journalist Steve Zautke has provided me with full results of several USAC Stock Car races at the Milwaukee Mile. These results are greatly appreciated. Steve can be contacted at

I've picked up quite a few results from the Historical Stock Car Racing forum and its many contributors. The founder, SimRacin46, has done a lot of work on the ARCA series. Nascarmad was able to locate a copy of the Talladega Superspeedway Media Guide, from which we have been able to sort out the finishing order of every ARCA race ever held at Talladega. Streetdreamer83 has posted several results from the NASCAR Pacific Coast Late Model / Winston West series. Just a few examples of the great contributors over there.

Thanks to Gene Card for locating full-field rundowns of the 1972 and 1973 Grand National East races, as well as many other results from the Grand American series and early 1970s ARCA races. Gene has recently written a book on the history of Pocono Raceway.

Thanks to Randy Anderson for passing along the work he and Dennis Goggin have done to retreive and preserve many results from the early years of ARCA's history.

Thanks also to Justin St. Louis and Northeast Racing Stats Central for his work in preserving and documenting much of the history of the northeast racing scene. His research on the Stock Car Connection races of 1987 and 1988 is of great significance to all fans of the ASA, All Pro Series, and American-Canadian Tour. (Can anyone out there help with the last three races in 1988?)

Thanks to Rick Atterberg for supplying a tremendous amount of information on the IMCA stock car series.

Last updated August 1, 2008.